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"Proof of Life" Bath Flash Fiction 2021 Anthology (Forthcoming, Print)

"Apartment Story" Citron Review (Forthcoming)

"Snowfall" Cincinnati Review

"Alice, Some of the Time" Atlas + Alice 

"When to Release" Reflex Fiction (Summer 2021 Longlist)

"Acts of Love" Barren 

"If Tonight We Sit for Dinner" Lost Balloon 

"That Nameless Open Field" Tiny Molecules

"The Big One" Pithead Chapel

"The Brad Pitt Method" HAD

  • Read the interview here

"Store Aisles I Passed through Before Leaving Town" trampset


"How to Check on Your Sister without Entering Her Apartment" Gone Lawn

"Points of Entry" Atticus Review

"When Rose Leaves" Hobart

"Appropriate Responses to Grief" Monkeybicycle (Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist)

"Blue People" Cease, Cows (Nominated for The Pushcart Prize)

"We Don't See the Neighbors Anymore" Ellipsis Zine

"If We Miss This One" X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine


"The Settling" Assignment Online

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